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You Are Greater Than Your Arrest

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Arrests, and resulting convictions, may go on permanent records, but that permanent record can almost be artificial. It will be on your legal records, but it will not stop you from being offered jobs, buying houses, enrolling in education, or being granted bank loans. What is really going to matter most, and allow you to excel in these areas, is what happened since your arrest.

With a great attitude, and even greater motivation, virtually nothing will bring you down as hard as you were brought down when you were arrested. That was your lowest point, but you have so much room to grow from there. The moment you are bailed out of jail, you are taking a big step in the right direction.

You will be given things in life that you are grateful for. You will overcome this minor mishap. You will see that your arrest is not the end for you.

You are greater than your arrest.

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