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Wrong Move on a Citizen’s Arrest?

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Simi Valley Bail Bond Store

Simi Valley Bail Bond Store

By turning one person in to the police, you could be saving harm to people who could have been potential victims. If you see this person commit a crime, we urge you to contact the police. Help get this person before he or she commits another crime, hurts someone or even themselves.

You do not need to feel compelled to engage with the suspect yourself until the police arrive. Doing so can be dangerous and you can quickly run into legal trouble if you do not know how to make a proper citizen’s arrest.

If you do get in trouble yourself, then Simi Valley Bail Bond Store can help bail you out of jail. In fact, anyone who is eligible for bail can post bail with a bail bond from us. We just need to get paperwork and the details sorted out and once the jail processes those documents, the defendant will be free.

Contact Simi Valley Bail Bond Store online, or at 805-256-3032. We will not let you down.