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What The 8th Amendment Means For Camarillo Bail Bond Store


The 8th Amendment of the United States Constitution protects us from excessive bail (as well as excessive fines and cruel and unusual punishment). This amendment is an order towards the government to not use their power to impose unduly harsh penalties on criminal defendants. But even with this amendment, many bail prices (particular those for the most serious crimes) sound excessive anyway. This is a matter we at Camarillo Bail Bond Store cannot change, but it is a matter we can assist you with, if you or a loved one have been arrested and granted bail.

First, no matter what bail price the judge has ordered, know that Camarillo Bail Bond Store can help you out. There is no minimum bail price in order to qualify for a bail bond. The only qualification: you’re in jail, have been granted bail, and need a bail bond. Camarillo Bail Bond Store can help cut the up-front cost of your bail bond. Instead of paying 100% of it before getting out of jail, you’ll pay 10-15% of it over a period of time, even after you’re out of jail. In the long run, you lose money because this 10-15% is not refunded (paying 100% to court can be refunded) but the bail bond deal is sure more ideal to most defendants anyway.

You may think your $100,000 bail price may be excessive, but with the help of your Camarillo Bail Bond Store agent, you won’t need to pay close to that price.

Learn more about the affordable and flexible bail bonds from Camarillo Bail Bond Store by chatting with a representative online or on the phone at 805-256-3032 .