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What Is A Governor’s Pardon?


Not every hard criminal is a truly bad person that their criminal record makes them out to believe. Some people are so determined to not let their arrest and conviction define them; they have the motivation to prove to others that they are a good, trustworthy person. For these very select individuals, they have the opportunity to be granted a California Governor’s Pardon.

A California Governor’s Pardon is an honor and privilege given to convicts who have shown outstandingly good behavior following their conviction. It helps provide relief for them from the penalties otherwise associated with a criminal conviction:

    ● The person may own a firearm, unless their conviction stemmed from a crime that involved one
    ● The person may serve on a jury
    ● The person does not have to register as a sex offender for life
    ● The person may be employed as a probation or parole officer

In addition, being granted a governor’s pardon may make it even easier for them to secure a job or a home or a loan.

A small percentage of California convicts are granted this pardon, but rest assured that some are.

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