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What Do You Mean Bail Bonds Can Put You In Jail?


Bail bonds have the power to get people of out of jail, but, in another dimension of thought, they can also get people into trouble and in jail. What we mean is illegal bail bond soliciting.

Take for example, Leonard Jimmy Ramirez, a former LAPD jail employee. He is accused of selling inmate information to a bail bond company in Van Nuys, California. The bail bond company, who now has this confidential information, will then reach out to the inmates’ friends and family to sell their services and begin bail bond contracts. This illegal process is formally known as “bail capping.” Within this, bribery and leaking of confidential information occurs.

Both Ramirez and the owners of the bail bond company are charged with felonies; Ramirez faces up to almost 5 years in state prison while the bail bond owners face up to 3, if convicted.

So, this is what we mean when we say that bail bonds can land someone in jail too. Bail bond companies cannot bribe existing clients to refer their services to fellow arrestees.They also cannot bribe others to steal confidential information of arrestees. This affects the reliability and honesty of the bail bond company.

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