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Can a Failure-to-Pay your Bail Bonds Result in Jail Time?

Can a Failure-to-Pay your Bail Bonds Result in Jail Time?

Bail bonds companies like Ventura Bail Bond Store exist so that you have a way to secure your release from jail even when you don’t have the actual monetary means to do so. It’s a surprisingly simple process. In exchange for you paying us 10% of the bail the county is requesting, we pay the additional 90%. When you’re case reaches its conclusion, we get the 90% we paid back from the court. You won’t get anything back. The 10% is our fee. 

All things considered, is a remarkably simple and easy process. 
One of the first things many people want to know is if they don’t pay us, will they go to jail. 

We prefer to do things so that the full 10% of the bail you owe is completely paid off before we have you released from jail but we know that this isn’t always possible. Because we’re a locally-owned business who wants to everything we can to restore order to our client’s lives, we have created a variety of different ways you can pay us, so that we can bail you out of jail.

Talk to Loved Ones

The simple reality is that we aren’t going to risk our money until we’ve already gotten what you owe us. If you decide you’re not going to pay us, you’re not going to be released. 

Don’t assume that just because you might not have the full 10% in your possession that you’ll spend months in jail. If you can find a friend or family member who is willing to loan you the money, they can co-sign on your bail. It’s up to you how you want to pay your friend/family member back.

Payment Plans Available

You’ll be pleased to know that we’ve done everything we can think of to make the entire process as easy and affordable as we can. We offer some people, including military veterans, a 20% discount. If you’re a working signer, you don’t have to worry about putting up any collateral. We’re also willing to work with you to put together a flexible payment plan.

If you enter into a payment plan with us, we will expect you to stay on top of your payments. Failure to do so will leave us with no other option to launch a civil suit against you. This is something we would like to avoid as much as you would. Because we want to keep your life as simple and stress-free as possible, if you’re having problems meeting your payment obligation, we urge you to contact us right away. The sooner you alert us to the situation, the sooner we can work with you and create a new plan that works for everyone.

Contact Ventura Bail Bond Store

Customized payment plans are just one of the reasons Ventura Bail Bond Store is the first call people make when they realize they need bail money. Other reasons to consider Ventura Bail Bond Store, includes:

• Phone approvals
• 0% Interest payment plans
• No hidden fees
• No collateral for employed signers
• Se Habla Español


We promise to handle your case as discretely and quickly as possible. Contact us today! Call 805-256-3032 or click the Chat With Us.