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Understanding Background Checks


Whenever you apply for a job, a loan, a new home, even a gun, you’re probably going to undergo a background check. You may not give this too much thought, especially if you have a squeaky clean record, but it still might be good to know anyway, what shows up on a background check, and what doesn’t.

    ● Felonies and misdemeanor arrests and convictions appear on criminal background checks.
    ● Any convictions more than 7 years old will not appear.
    ● Any arrests and convictions as a juvenile should not show, as those lines are sealed upon turning 18.
    ● Convictions where a pardon was granted will not appear.

Having points on your criminal record should not be the deciding factor as to whether or not you get a loan or a job; plenty of people with criminal histories find great employment and homes. Don’t let your criminal background, if you have one, bring you down.

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