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Together, We are Stronger. Let Oxnard Bail Bond Store Help You


Our team here at Oxnard Bail Bond Store will be the first to reassure you that your son or daughter’s arrest will not destroy his or her entire future and career. Yes, it is very unfortunate that this happened, and at times, it may be a nuisance,but they are young.Your kids have a lot ahead of them, and they most can combat this and get back on top of their game.

Depending on the situation, at some point in the future, your son or daughter may be able to get this record sealed or expunged, this will happen automatically when they turn 18 if they committed the crime as a juvenile. This means that during background checks, the record will not appear. It will still exist, but not for others to see.

In addition, a point on their criminal history will not be a dark cloud over them for the rest of their lives. Your son or daughter can live out a very full, happy, life from this point on. They will be able to forget that they were ever arrested.

At Oxnard Bail Bond Store, we are here to show people there is hope, by helping them bail out of jail. We are hope for them. We show clients that they are not alone in this. We are here to support them and we know you will too. So, let us work together because we are stronger this way.

Contact us, Oxnard Bail Bond Store, at 805-256-3032 or chat with us online now. Let us get your son or daughter back home and back on track with their life plan.