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THESE Are Real Laws In California?!


You can be arrested for robbing a store, running a red light, being drunk in public, and kidnapping another person. Crimes like these, and punishment, is obvious. But did you know that in some places of California, it can be illegal for a man to kiss a woman, or it can be illegal if you’re not wearing a matching jacket and pants? You read that right, and yes, that is outrageous. But believe it or not, those are laws written in the official rule books.

Here are some more of California’s looniest laws:

    ● Women may not drive in a house coat. Alert the fashion police!
    ● No animals may mate within 1,500 feet of a school or place of worship. So who get’s punished if two free birds hatch eggs in a nest on a tree right outside the school?
    ● Pinball machines are illegal in El Monte. Perhaps trying to get the highest score got too crazy?
    ● You may not pour salt on the highway in Hermosa Beach. But you should be fine to pour saltwater.
    ● In Blythe, in order to wear cowboy boots, you must own at least two cows. Mooo and booo!
    ● All restroom windows must be closed when someone is using the restroom in Dana Point. Let’s hope there is good ventilation…
    ● Mustached men may not kiss a woman when in Eureka. Find a good razor, or move!
    ● In Hollywood, where all things are crazy and weird, you cannot drive more than two thousand sheep down Hollywood Boulevard. If you’ve got one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine though, you’re good!
    ● Molesting butterflies in Pacific Grove is illegal. We don’t even want to know who came up with this law, and why….
    ● In San Francisco, people classified as “ugly” may not walk down any street. Who gets say in saying who’s ugly? This is quite rude.

This list of insane California laws can go on. And it’s not just California either- each state has their own “are you serious??” Laws – they’re quite entertaining to read about! We’re pretty confident you won’t be arrested for any of these crimes (even if you do violate them, like using a Dana Point restroom while the window is open) but in the wildest case that you do, Ojai Bail Bond Store will get you out of jail quickly and quietly.

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