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The Weirdest California Laws

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● You cannot play with a frisbee at any Los Angeles beaches unless you get the lifeguard’s “okay.”
● Women may not drive while wearing a house coat.
● No vehicle without a driver can go more than 60 miles per hour.
● Animals may not mate in public if they are within 1,500 feet of a school or place of worship.
● You must own at least two cows in Blythe before you are allowed to wear cowboy boots.
● A male cannot go outside his house if he is wearing mis-matching pants and jacket in Carmel.
● You may not use your own bathroom in Dana Point if the window is open.
● Moustached men may not kiss a woman in Eureka.
● Annoying a lizard in a Fresno city park is illegal.

These are just some of the strangest laws that still exist today in California. Don’t ask when or why they were passed. Don’t ask why they haven’t been modified or removed. Just know that while you most likely could get away with these, you could still technically get fined or arrested for violating any. Of course, this would probably be coming from quite a stickler of a policeman or policewoman…

No matter how weird these laws are, Ventura Bail Bond Store can assure you we’ll help bail you out of jail for violating any of these – or for violating any more serious law.

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