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The Ventura Bail Bond Store Family Is Your Family

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When you call Ventura Bail Bond Store Store ( 805-256-3032.), don’t expect a draining conversation with an automated message where you’re asked to keep pushing numbers to try and resolve your issue. You’ll immediately be greeted by one of our best representatives who will talk you through the bail bond process and figure out the best solution and payment plan that fits your situation.

The point is to bail your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible, right? We can’t achieve that by treating you as yet another client to deal with. Our team, our family here at Ventura Bail Bond Store are the most dedicated agents and representatives in the industry. This is not just another 9-5 job for us here. This is our career, our passion. We do what we do because we genuinely want to help families and friends who are in need of a bail bond. Seeing clients joyfully reunite with their loved one is a daily reaffirmation for us.

There are over 120 licensed agents and representatives throughout the state of California who proudly identify as an Ventura Bail Bond Store employee. Nay, an Ventura Bail Bond Store family member. We’re a family founded and owned 28-year-old company and we have come to welcome all employees as family members. In that same respect, we treat each client as if they are family too.

Contact Ventura Bail Bond Store Store and speak with one of our finest men and women by going to or by calling 805-256-3032. .