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Small Savings Equals Big

ventura bail bonds

ventura bail bonds

Saving money can be easy for some people, harder for others. We always try and justify all our purchases but in reality, we know we can let some things go and move around other spendings. Saving money is a long-term happening but here are some quick tips that will save small now but equal to big savings in the longer run.

  • Cook more meals at home and dine out less. One meal at a restaurant can cost $10-25+ per person. One person can spend that much on groceries to last them a handful of meals for the entire week.
  • Cancel luxury subscription services like gossip magazines, Netflix, and even the gym. Instead, catch up on celebrity gossip online or at the newspaper/ magazine stand and work out in the beautiful outdoors!
  • Say no to weekly shopping trips for things you want, but don’t need, like clothes and games.
  • Order one or two less drinks during happy hour or when you’re out with friends at the bar. Better yet – buy a bottle of wine and invite your friends over to drink at home (and have everyone pitch in for the drinks). You’ll get more drunk, you won’t have to yell over the already loud atmosphere, and you won’t have to worry about driving. So many pluses here!
  • Commute, carpool, and/ or walk instead of driving your own car everywhere.
  • Add a couple percentages more to the portion of your paycheck that goes into Savings, from your leisure spending portion.

You’ll see your savings start to add up over time and it can really go a long way. Having a Savings/ emergency fund is very important – especially when you have an emergency, like needing to suddenly bail your loved one out of jail! You will momentarily be sad you’ll be digging into this fund, but you’ll quickly get over it knowing that you are helping a loved one out of jail.

Ventura Bail Bond Store will help with the bail bond process, make it more affordable, and a smoother process overall.

Learn exactly how we can help by getting a free consultation from your agent! Reach us online or on the phone at 805-256-3032.