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Save Your Summer, Do Not Get Arrested!


Summer is nearing and for college students, this is the best time of the year. No more lectures, no more all-nighters studying, and no more teachers. It is going to be all parties during the vacation.

However, the fun has to have some boundaries, and the biggest boundary that we are talking about is the law. We get plenty of calls for students who have been arrested for various offenses ranging from drinking and driving, to trespassing and more. We hate receiving these calls because it means you are in serious trouble, and you are a young adult. It is a scary situation, and some college campuses respond much harsher to a student’s offense than other college campuses.

Ventura Bail Bond Store will do their best to make these situations as easy as possible by bailing defendants out of jail. We find it imperative to post bail with a bail bond so that the defendant can be released from jail and return home to his or her family. This gives them time to refocus their goals and aspirations. They learn from this situation. They will have to prove they are a good person, which is much harder to do from inside a jail cell.

We want all college students to have a great, carefree, and enjoyable summer without complications. We were there once; we know how many lasting memories can be created.

If you or someone you know needs bail bond service any time, any day, please contact Ventura Bail Bond Store online or at 805-256-3032. We are available anywhere in California, at any time.