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New Gun Laws for California Once Again

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Fillmore Bail Bond Store

Fillmore Bail Bond Store

California gun owners and sellers, prepare yourself for even more gun laws.

Here is some of what you will need to know, and how it might change your habits:

  • Anytime you buy ammo, you will now need to pass a background check. This will go into effect July 2019.
  • If you travel outside of California and purchase ammo, you can only bring up to 50 rounds back into California. Anything more results in a misdemeanor charge.
  • You can sell 50 rounds to relatives, but in order to sell to friends, you must go through a licensed dealer.
  • If you purchased a gun with a detachable magazine between 2001 and 2016, you must get it registered by 2018.
  • High volume magazines, more than 10 rounds, will need to be destroyed, sold back to licensed dealers, or turned over to the police.

If you, or loved one is arrested for violating gun laws, you may be eligible to post bail. If you are, we urge you to get in touch with us, Fillmore Bail Bond Store.

We can be reached online, or at 805-256-3032.