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Netflix Password Sharing: It Is Now a Federal Crime

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Let’s be honest, if you are a Netflix user, than you either:

  • Have your own account but have shared your password with friends and family.
  • Have the password to a friend or family member’s account, and use theirs instead of creating your own.

Previously, sharing the password to a Netflix account was not illegal. However, now it is, and it is prosecutable under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. We are not kidding. Who do you have to thank for this? Some man, who we will keep anonymous, who left his job but continued to use the password of his former coworker to download employee information.

In short, sharing Netflix passwords is now a federal crime, punishable by fines and perhaps a short jail sentence, but that is unlikely. Prosecutions are not expected to happen soon. After all, we are sure this new law affects millions of users, but beware account owners. We recommend changing your password and letting your loved ones know why. You can even send them a news piece on it to back yourself up. To everyone else, get your own accounts so that you are no longer breaking the law.

Camarillo Bail Bond Store does not foresee the need to bail people out of jail because they were arrested for sharing a Netflix password, but if we do need to, we will not waste any time. We can be reached online, or at 805-256-3032.