Moorpark Bail Bond Store Will Make Bailing your Loved one Out of Jail Easy and Affordable

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For the past 29 years, Moorpark Bail Bond Store has been making bail easy for all of our clients. Our bail agents do all the hard work for you. We work with our clients to make your friend or family member’s bail affordable for you. No matter where in California your loved one was arrested, we can get him or her out.

Since our founding in 1987, we have been helping people bail their friends or family members out of jail. Our agents are the most experienced in California and have skills that have been passed down over the past few decades. Just give one of our bail agents the name of your loved one, his or her birthday, and the county where he or she was arrested and we will find his or her information for you.

Unlike our competitors, who will simply quote you a price and hang up if you cannot afford it, we will work with you. At Moorpark Bail Bond Store, we can set up a payment plan to make paying for the bond more affordable. We even offer discounts for anyone who is in the military, is a member of AARP, is a homeowner, or has a private attorney.

All consultations are free, so call 805-256-3032 now.

We Will Always Be There To Help Our Clients


We started out as a small bail company in 1987. Since then, we have grown to cover all of California. No matter where in the state you or your loved one was arrested, we can help. We have offices located all over California and roaming bail bondsmen to cover the areas where we do not have an office. You can count on us to be there to help you when you need it most.

Our bail agents at will always have your back. Our professional agents have years of training and experience with helping people bail their friends or family members out of jail. No other bail company can help you better than we can. We know how to make bail bonds easy for all of our clients.

Let us show you how easy and affordable bailing out a loved one can be for you. Ventura County Bail Bond Store has been helping Californians since our founding in 1987 and we have never stopped. Our agents are available to offer you their assistance all day, every day. You will never have to face the bail bonds process alone.

Make bailing your loved one out of jail easy and affordable, call 805-256-3032. or click CHAT WITH US NOW!.