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Make Your Friend Get Help Before It’s Too Late

ventura bail bonds

ventura bail bonds

Sometimes being a best friend means doing things that will make your friend very, very mad at you. For example, your best friend is quite the alcoholic. As many times as he drives while impaired and gets home safely, you can’t help but cringe each time you know he does it. You can’t help but have a feeling that one day he won’t make it home…

A friend will say something, but let go of their safety argument within minutes. A best friend though, would be more proactive – like taking away his keys or doing something even more extreme – like having an intervention with him or even getting him professional help. A best friend has a good heart and the right intentions. At first, the alcoholic friend may be pissed at the best friend for meddling in his life, but in time he will come around, calm down, and see that he really needed this wake up call before getting the wake up call that no one wants – getting arrested for driving drunk, for getting into an accident, for putting someone in the hospital, or sending someone (or themselves) to their funeral.

You may be that best friend to someone and you need to help them get help before it’s too late – you’ll hate yourself if you don’t.

Ventura Bail Bond Store will help out too – we want you and your loved ones to live safely and happily. We hope you never have to use our services but if you do, we will rush to get you the bail bond you need. We can be reached online or at 805-256-3032.