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Keep In Mind You Can Use Tax Returns For Bail

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As you’re filing your taxes for 2015, you’re probably groaning because it’s just a reminder of all the money the government takes from you. Perhaps you could have gone on a mini vacation. You could have invested it or put it into a savings account. You could have purchased a nice gift for someone. But there may be something you’re forgetting – perhaps you’re going to receive a tax refund!

Your tax refund is money you will get back from the government. With this money, now maybe you can afford that gift, catch up on bills, or even get ahead on a bail bond payment.

Talk with your Thousand Oaks Bail Bond Store agent and let them know they can expect another bail bond payment from you. You’ll need to wait until your refund clears 100% during the transfer to you before you can give it to your bail bond agent. But, you shouldn’t have a problem!

If you just recently found out you will need to pay for bail, keep this in mind (using your tax return).

We have learned a lot over the last 29 years and we continue to learn every day. At Thousand Oaks Bail Bond Store, our main priority is to make the bail process easier for all of our clients. With our professional help, your loved one can be out of jail in as little as 2 hours, depending on the county of his or her arrest.

Go to or call 805-256-3032 to get a free consultation to get an idea of how much to pay and when, and what to expect during the process. Thousand Oaks Bail Bond Store will not let you down!