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Jail or In-Laws?

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Jail or In-Laws?

Jail or In-Laws?

You’ve found the love of your life and have gotten married. You probably feel pretty happy, and you’re in that honeymoon phase. You feel great until you re-meet your in-laws. When you first met your in-laws, you were more worried about impressing them, instead of them impressing you. You were also in the honeymoon stage of a new relationship and nothing could bother you at the time. Now that time has passed and you begin to get to know your in-laws more, you may realize some new qualities of your in-laws.

First and foremost, remember to love your spouse. Remember that you married your spouse, not your in-laws. When your in-laws stress you out, try to stay calm. The good news is that you don’t have to live with your in-laws and you get to go home to your spouse at the end of the day. If your in-laws seem too relentless, and taunt you constantly, just hang in there and talk to your spouse. Maybe they can help you navigate their family’s dynamics.

Don’t forget that your in-laws’ opinions ultimately has no power over you. If they wrongly accuse you of being lazy, even though you’re the actual breadwinner in the relationship, try to let it roll off your shoulders. They don’t know the ins and outs of your life.

If push comes to shove with the in-laws, stand your ground. However, you also need to know when it’s okay to bend for them. Ultimately it’s up to you to pick your battles with your in-laws. You’re married to your spouse for life, and that means you have to be able to deal with your in-laws. Finding a perfect, harmonious balance will be beneficial for you and your spouse.

You need to be able to know how to deal with your in-laws because they’re now your family too. If you don’t get along with the in-laws, things can escalate fast. One moment you can all be drinking, celebrating. The next moment you’re in-laws are nagging you about something you told them no about. This leads to yelling, and arguing. You neighbor hears you yelling, and calls the police.

The police show up and you’re charged with a domestic dispute, violence, and disturbing the peace. Now you’ll really have something to disagree about. The lesson is to not let it get that far, because you really don’t want to end up in jail because of your in-laws.