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It Is Our Job to Educate You on Bail and the Bail Bond Process

ventura bail bonds

If it helps at all, you are not the only person to feel confused when a loved one gets arrested. We mean, you are not the only person to have no idea what to do when you get the call saying that your loved one is in jail. It is not like they teach you this kind of stuff in school. It is not your job or responsibility to know this stuff. That is our job at Ventura Bail Bond Store. Now that you are in need of a bail bond, it is also our job to teach you the bail bonds process, and what to expect.

For a general overview, just know that we are going to need some basic information like the defendant’s name, birthday, where he or she is being held, and contact information. We will fill out and file paperwork for the bail bond, and transfer this to the jail. The jail will process the paperwork and release your loved one back to you. You, or someone in your party, will be responsible for meeting all of the bail bonds payment deadlines on time. In addition, the defendant will need to appear at all court dates. If all of this is done, then everything should go smoothly without issue. However, if something goes wrong, the defendant may be rearrested and the bail bond will be revoked.

That is the basic understanding of the process, but we can get into deeper detail if you contact us directly online or at 805-256-3032. We are here to help you with your bail bond needs, and we will make sure you understand everything there is to know.