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How to Party In College, a Lesson from California Bail Bond Store

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As much as all of you college-aged kids do not want to go back to school for academics, we bet you are excited to see all of your friends again and to not be under Mom and Dad’s roof. You have the best time at college; living with friends, going to parties, and being on your own.

Partying and drinking are a big thing at colleges, and we would not want your college experience to go downhill. We are not going to tell you to stay away from alcohol and parties, but we will tell you to drink and party safely. Here are some tips that can help prevent trouble:

  • Designate a sober driver; do not drink and drive.
  • Keep your eyes on your cup at all times; do not set it down, turn away from it, then pick it up and drink from it.
  • Pour/ open your own drink, or watch someone else as they do it for you; do not have someone go away to get you a drink and come back with it.
  • Go to parties with friends; do not go alone.

It has happened before, where college students have gotten into car accidents, have been drugged and sexually assaulted, or have been arrested. Some of these incidents you hear around campus, some you hear on national news.

This is not a predicament you want to fall into as a victim, or as a suspect. Do not put yourself into bad situations. You can go out and drink and have a lot of fun without any legal problems, but it is on you to see that it happens and look out for your friends too.

If something does happen, and you or a friend are arrested, Ventura Bail Bond Store can help with an affordable bail bond that will get you, or him or her, out of jail ASAP. We serve all of California, so no matter what California college or university you are at, we will be there to help.

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