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Health Worries While in Jail

Health Worries While in Jail

Health concerns have always been a huge problem for anyone who suffers from bad health and has been arrested. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the situation worse. Being in jail makes social distancing nearly impossible. The high infection rate of the virus increases the odds of you picking it up while you’re in jail. The stress of getting arrested increases the likelihood that you’ll get sick. If you have any underlying conditions, the situation is even worse.

Alert the Booking Officer to your Concerns

If you already have health problems or you’re considered at high-risk for COVID-19 you need to alert the booking officer of the situation. This isn’t the time to be shy about your medical history. They need to know if there are any early signs that your in medical distress that they have to watch for, if you’re on medication, or if you need medical help. If you’ve been exposed to COVID-19, you should also tell the booking officer so that they can take the appropriate safety measures.

Contact Your Family

Your family is your best line of defense against health problems once you’ve been arrested. If needed they can help you gather up the medical records, equipment, and medication you need to stay healthy while you wait to be released from jail.

Explore Bail Right Away

Getting released from jail as quickly as possible is the best way to avoid suffering from health setbacks. The sooner you’re out of jail, the sooner you can take charge of your health.

Since you’re worried about your health, you want to contact Ventura Bail Bond Store right away. If you can’t call 805-256-3032 or click the Chat With Us link, have a family member do it for you. While we can’t actually pay your bail until your bail has been officially set, we can draw up the contracts and arrange to have everything ready as soon as your bail hearing is concluded.

Why You Should Use Ventura Bail Bond Store

Ventura Bail Bond Store is a family-owned bail bonds business that has been serving California for several years. We offer free consultations 24/7 and work hard to get you released from jail as quickly as possible. There are numerous reasons people just like yourself come to us for help with bail. Those reasons include:

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The sooner you contact us about our affordable bail programs, the sooner you’ll get out of jail and can stop worrying so much about your health!