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Get Your Loved One Home for Mother’s Day

ventura bail bonds

ventura bail bonds

Rather than disappointing and upsetting Mom in the days before Mother’s Day by admitting to her your sibling has been arrested, take action and bail him or her out of jail. Just because they have been arrested, does not mean they will be missing Mother’s Day. Bailing out of jail is a short process, but it is a very worthwhile one. Not only does it mean your sibling can be home for Mother’s Day, they can be home for all the other days after that, before and during his or her trial. By bailing out of jail, your sibling is allowed to return home, go back to work, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy their time and freedom.

There are two options for posting bail. The first, is to pay the entire amount in cash to the court. The entire sum of the amount must be given to the court in order for the person to be released. There is no down payment first or payment plan allowed, no matter how much you two prove you can and will pay the rest later. In this option, the bail money may be refunded to the rightful owner as long as he or she shows up for court.

The second option for posting bail provides more financial flexibility and breathing room. Due to that fact, this option is more commonly used. You can bail your sibling out with a professional bail bond company like Ventura Bail Bond Store.

A licensed bail agent will consult with you and create a customized payment plan. The amount on this payment plan will equal 10% of the full bail amount. This 10% premium is what you pay. You will not need to worry about the remaining 90% of the bail. In addition, you may be required to pledge collateral, which will be released back to you as long as your sibling shows up for court and you make your premium payments. Lastly, you may be required to get a loved one to co-sign the bail bond.

In the event that you miss a payment, this co-signer will be responsible for covering that payment. In the end, if you two make all of your premium payments, your sibling shows up for court as scheduled, and they do not get into additional legal trouble, then you only pay 10% of the bail. This 10% premium is not refundable, but the bail bond option overall is much more affordable and flexible for most people.

If you want your sibling to be home for Mother’s Day, then call up Ventura Bail Bond Store to get started on the paperwork. We are a family founded and owned bail bond company, and we want to reunite your sibling with you and your family just as much as you do. You do not have to go through this situation alone. You have our entire Ventura Bail Bond Store family on your side, and you have your supportive family and friends.

Ventura Bail Bond Store can be reached 24/7, both online and at 805-256-3032.