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Factors Determining Bail

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Ventura judges have what is called a bail schedule, which they follow whenever they are required to determine the amount of bail for a defendant. For the record, all states have a bail different schedule. The bail schedule is reviewed and modified as necessary yearly.

Besides following the bail schedule, the judge will also consider the public’s safety. If the judge finds that the defendant poses a threat to the public, then that defendant may be denied bail altogether. In addition, if the judge sees the defendant as one who is likely to flee once they are out of jail, then again, they can be denied bail.

Bail amounts are set quite high for a reason, it is an incentive for the defendant to follow release terms and conditions and show up for court. If they comply and do not cause more trouble, they can get their bail money back at the end of the trial and waiting period.

Since many people cannot afford bail on their own, they opt to go the bail bond route with Ventura Bail Bond Store, where they are required to only pay the 10% of the full bail amount, over an extended period of time.

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