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Don’t Spend Spring Break In Jail

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Spring break for colleges is coming up in the next few weeks and already many are planning how they are going to spend that week. Some will be traveling. Some will return home. Most will be consuming alcohol and many may also get their hands on some illegal drugs

Basically, spring break is a time students want to relax, party, and not worry about school. The personalities range from the low-key type to the crazy wild one. There’s nothing wrong with letting loose and having fun but there are dangers to it and serious consequences if it gets too out of hand.

    ● Not all college students are legally old enough to drink.
    Illegal drugs are illegal to everyone.
    ● Drinking and driving is never a good idea, even if they are under the legal BAC limit.
    ● Mixing alcohol and drugs can be life-threatening, as can binge-drinking.
    ● People are susceptible to acting out abnormally and erratically when under the influence; for instance, they can hallucinate and do something that gets them killed like run out onto the streets in front of cars.

So much can go wrong when the partying levels get too high. It’s best to know the limits of yourself and your friends so that you all never meet the hospital, jail, or the mortuary. If you or your friends are arrested over spring break, your life is not over but you will have to reconsider your choices and style of living after bailing out of jail.

Ventura Bail Bond Store can help you bail out of jail wherever you are in California. If you are 18 years or older, your arrest will go on record, but you don’t have to face this situation alone. Friends and family can offer support and perhaps even help pay for your bail bond, which will be at its lowest when you go to Ventura Bail Bond Store.

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