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Don’t Forget About The New Hoverboard Laws

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For them being one of the hottest toys at the moment, it can be easy to forget about (or not realize) the new laws surrounding them. Of course we’re talking about hoverboards, those electrically motorized boards.

Hoverboards gained popularity when athletes and celebrities were seen using them. Quickly, everyone wanted one. Then came all the sudden reports of a number of hoverboards catching fire or exploding. Due to the increasing incidents, hoverboards have been banned from airplanes and have gained more criticism for rider safety and how it may or may not interfere with drivers, cyclists, and foot pedestrians. Yet, there are still so many people who desire to have one.

Now, there are new laws in California that most address the rider’s safety.

    ● Only those who are 16 or older may be on a board.
    ● Riders must wear a helmet.
    ● Riders can only go on streets where the posted speed limit is 35mph or less. However, the rider may not be going any faster than 15 mph.
    ● If a bike lane is available, the rider must be in the bike lane.
    ● Riders may be punished with a DUI if they are caught under the influence while riding a board.
    ● All boards must be accessorized with reflectors and lights for foggy and nighttime visibility.

And because these are laws, there will of course be consequences for any violators: a fine of up to $250.

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