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Cyberbullying, And How It Relates To Ventura Bail Bond Store


Cyberbullying (intentionally posting personal information of and/ or harassing another person by electronic communication like texts, emails, and social media with the intent of causing fear) seems like a rather harmless crime but in California, it’s taken very seriously. Cyberbullying has led victims to harm themselves, commit suicide, or act out and harm others.

Subject to a fine of up to $1,000, and a jail sentence of up to 1 year, cyberbullying itself is a misdemeanor conviction. It happens most amongst students but can and does happen amongst adults too.

School educators and administrators are trained to look out for signs of cyberbullying. There is a procedure they must follow when a cyberbullying case is identified and reported.

As mentioned, bullying cases can lead to more serious crimes, and that’s when Ventura Bail Bond Store might be of help to you (though we hope we never have to). In case you or someone you care about is arrested, Ventura Bail Bond Store will provide a low-cost bail bond to get you or them out of jail temporarily until trial, if it happens.

Bailing out of jail is much more ideal than staying in jail for an unknown period of time; learn more about bail bonds by chatting with us online or calling us at 805-256-3032