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Coping With Arrests, Bail, And Children

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You’re well aware that an arrest can be difficult for family members to bear with, but have you considered how your situation and absence can affect your young children? Young children do not have the developed minds to understand the scope and seriousness of the situation. Instead of understanding that this was a serious mistake and that you face serious consequences like fines and jail, they’re going to be wondering where you have been (when you were in custody) and why the police were taking you away.

It’s perhaps the hardest to explain the concept to young children, compared to anyone else. Trying to make them understand, probably by lying about the truth here and there, is difficult. Your absence can really shape how they might grow up without you. Do your best to be home with them as much as possible, and that includes doing all that you can to pay for bail.

Ventura Bail Bond Store can help you pay for bail with a bail bond that is set up with a personalized payment plan. You don’t have to be the only person to pay for your bail bond, either. If friends and family are willing to help cut costs, by all means take this financial support! We accept cash, credit, debit, and checks. Just make sure each payment is due in full, on time.

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