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Coffee Myths/Benefits

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Coffee Myths/Benefits

Coffee Myths/Benefits

We Americans live for our morning cup of coffee. Java has become an essential part of waking up for most people. That cup of joe brings happiness, and life to even the crankiest of people. Over the years there have been plenty of studies questioning whether or not coffee is good for you. There also have been claims that coffee stunts your growth, and can cause cancer. What is actually true about this heavenly liquid?

Even with the many studies questioning the health risks of coffee, people still love it. Let’s clear up some of the myths about coffee.

  • Coffee will not help you lose weight. It can actually do the exact opposite of that. Many people add sugar and crème to their coffee. These additives can rack up calories, making your frappe more of a meal than just a drink. However, if you drink your coffee black, you might notice a slight difference in your weight. The caffeine in coffee can increase your metabolism, but not a lot. Sorry, but the coffee diet won’t work.

  • Coffee will not stunt your growth. You can stop blaming coffee for being short. This myth about coffee is actually an old wives’ tale. There isn’t any scientific evidence that this rumor is true, and where the myth came from is a mystery. Unfortunately, this also means that if you avoided coffee in hopes of growing more, you were just torturing yourself.

  • Coffee does not dehydrate you. First of all, coffee is made up of water. You drink coffee, thus you are drinking the water that made the coffee. Secondly coffee often takes the place of water for most people. They often forgo drinking water because they would rather drink their latte.

  • Coffee doesn’t sober you up. Sorry hung over folks, coffee isn’t the cure all. Stick to water and sports drinks to help you replenish your body. It can be dangerous if you drink coffee in the hopes of sobering up. The caffeine will wake your body up, leading you to believe you’re sober. However, you are not actually sober. To sober up you need time, water, and rest. Don’t drive while intoxicated because coffee fooled you into thinking your sober.

Coffee is an amazing drink that can make your more tedious tasks bearable. Now that you know about some of the myths about coffee, you can feel confident in your drink of choice.