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Brush Up On The New Hoverboard Laws

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Now is the time to be fully aware of the new hoverboard laws in California, especially if you currently own one or plan to in the near future. These laws are meant not just for rider safety, but also for the safety of others near you because as you’ve probably heard, a number of them have been accused of blowing up and causing fires.

    ● You must be at least 16 years old to ride one.
    ● If you’re caught riding while intoxicated, you’ll be slapped with a DUI.
    ● You must wear a helmet.
    ● You must ride on streets where the posted speed limit is no more than 35mph, unless you’re using a bike lane.
    ● You can cruise on the hoverboard at a maximum of 15 mph.
    ● You may be fined $250 for violating these laws.
    In addition, other rules and laws may be set up by the city or county. Plus, many airlines have banned the hoverboards from their cargo for safety.

It’s unlikely you’ll be arrested for violating these new hoverboard laws but some people get out of hand from a minor situation and find themselves arrested. Alternatively, if you’re not a hoverboard owner but rather a driver and happen to get into an accident with a hoverboard rider, you can potentially be arrested.

In either case (or neither case, but rather any other situation that results in you or someone you know getting arrested), please connect with an Ventura County Bail Bond agent.

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