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Be a Part of the Statistic That Prevents Crime, Not Increases It

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Disappointingly, crime in Ventura has increased for the second year in a row, by 16% this time. You have heard about multiple incidents in the news. Maybe you know someone who was directly involved with a crime. Maybe you were directly involved. Nonetheless, this statistic should not deter your motivations toward being a better person, or helping your loved ones be better versions of themselves. Even when you think you have done all that you can, do not give up.

You can talk someone down from committing a crime if you notice the red flags, and you know how to get help. Lay out the consequences, and how his or her actions will affect his or herself, you and loved ones. Show this person how his or her finances can be damaged. Get others to help you, help him or her.

If it is already past that point, and he or she has been arrested, there are still ways you can try and turn his or her views around. Help bail your loved one out of jail with a bail bond from Ventura Bail Bond Store. Help him or her find a lawyer and counseling. Drive him or her to all of his or her court dates. Keep an eye on your loved one.

It may be frustrating at first, and he or she could very well reject your efforts, but if you are annoyingly persistent, he or she will listen and eventually be grateful.

Do what you can to avoid being part of the rising crime statistic in Ventura, and instead be a part of the statistic that will lower the crime rates. That is the hero in you.

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