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Avoid Accidents And Arrests During El Niño With These Road Tips

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We hear that El Niño is going to really begin in February and when the rain comes, so do more road accidents. In preparation for rainy day driving and to avoid as many accidents and arrests as possible, let us offer you some tips:

    ● Check windshield wipers and get them changed if necessary.
    ● Check headlights, tail lights, and signal lights. Get them fixed if they’re out!
    ● Check tires. Replace them, rotate them, fill them up with air.
    ● Get brakes cleaned and adjusted.
    ● Use headlights whenever the windshield wipers are running.
    ● Drive slower, but still with the speed of traffic.
    ● If you find yourself hydroplaning, release the gas but don’t hit the brake. Hold the steering wheel tightly and you’ll find your car gains control again.

These tips will make you a safer, better driver on the road. They can potentially save you from an accident and in extreme cases, even jail. Sometimes, a person gets into an accident but the accident is fatal for another driver. That person may end up in jail even though they didn’t do this intentionally.

Prepare for El Niño accordingly! If you ever need a bail bond for a driving mishap or any other crime for you or someone you love, don’t be afraid to contact Thousand Oaks Bail Bond Store.

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